the forgotten ways

From "Apostolic Environment" to "APEST Culture": What do you think?

As many of you know, I am doing a new edition of TFW. Its going very well. One of the big decisions I had to make is to change some of the names of the mDNA. Tricky because they are so central to the message of the book. One of the ones (only two) I have changed is "Apostolic Environment? which I have changed to "APEST Culture", mainly because the former is more vague and specific to apostolic ministry while the latter is clearer and more comprehensive. This is what I said....

"Culture is made up of many diverse symbols, forms, ideas, languages, actions, rituals etc. I use the term APEST culture deliberately because I want it to include not only the essential issue of personal vocation and calling, but also to include all the various social functions associated with each aspect of APEST, as well as the language and symbols we use to communicate meaningfully about the ministry and mission of the church. In other words APEST culture is the correct comprehensive category by which to assess, understand, and develop the full ministry of the church."

What do you think? Good idea of bad idea?